The Tempest – Royal Shakespeare Company
As part of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s celebration of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, The Tempest is a flagship performance utilising the most powerful tools in performance technology available today. I worked as part of the video team selected to bring this large scale technical production to fruition. FRAY Studio collaborated with Intel and The Imaginarium to create an immersive, digital version of Prospero’s magical world.
Motion capture was utilised to drive the skeleton of a real-time avatar of Ariel using Unreal Engine. Motion tracking was also implemented with the use of Vicon to allow various scenic elements to be tracked in 3d space real-time. The show used 27 Panasonic laser projectors, 4 D3 media servers, 32 3D Meshes, 10KM of cabling as well as an Intel supercomputer with 120 cores.

    • Video Technician
    • D3 Media Server
    • Laser Projectors
    • Vicon Motion Tracking
    • Automation Integration
    • Real-time motion tracking
    • Mo-Cap Suit
    • Unreal Engine

Credits: FRAY Studio.